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W.Thomas and Sons .


We import Air Gun and Fire Arm Accessories such as Pellets, Rifle Scopes and Safety Goggles. We hold a rich history of importing high-quality accessories for any kind of a weapon. Check out our product catalogue for more information.


We are the pioneer of manufacturing Air Guns and Air Rifles. Considering the confidence of our team and the factory facilities, Ministry of Defense has granted us the license to manufacture air guns/rifles for the first time in Sri Lanka.


During previous decades we repaired thousands of different weapons for local and international clients. Our highly trained team is capable of repairing and fixing any kind of weaponry in a minimal time span at our Kadawatha Repair Center.

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We provide services from manufacturing to maintenance of Air Guns, Air Rifles and Fire Arms. Our experienced workforce is capable of producing, repairing and modifying any kind of weaponry in our highly facilitated workshop in Kadawatha. We are collaborated with wide range of well-known international weapon manufactures and wholesalers to import the best products to Sri Lankan market. Our 100% unique competencies and facilities will be always available to fulfill your desires.


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